The National Cyber Security Centre

The National Cyber Security Centre

In recent years, cybersecurity has grown hugely in importance at all levels, whether for national and international security policy, for Switzerland as a business location or for the general public.

In order to support the general public and businesses against cyber-risks and improve the security of its own systems, on 30 January 2019 the Federal Council decided to set up a competence centre for cybersecurity, the National Cyber Security Centre. The core of the Centre is made up of the Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance MELANI.

The centre is being designed to take on the following tasks:

  • Provision of a national contact point for questions on cyber-risks and reporting cyberincidents
  • Operation of the national Computer Emergency Response Team (GovCERT) as a technical expertise hub
  • Operational incident management in the event of serious cyberincidents
  • Office of the Federal Cyber Security Delegate
  • Federal ICT security unit
  • Operation of a pool of experts to support the specialist offices in developing and implementing cybersecurity standards
  • Cooperation with scientific and research bodies
  • International specialist cooperation

The organisational development of the National Cyber Security Centre must accommodate the demands for greater centralisation, while at the same time using existing skills and know-how wherever possible. The following three measures are designed to meet these demands.

  1. The office and the national contact point should be accorded sufficient importance to allow the National Cyber Security Centre to become fully effective and be taken seriously as the central point of contact via active communication and a well-developed service offering for businesses and the general public.
  2. In particular, the pool of experts should be available to the specialist offices in the various sectors, thereby ensuring that sector-specific know-how and legal powers can be supplemented with specialist knowledge in cyber matters, as necessary and on a project-specific basis.
  3. Finally, the National Cyber Security Centre should work closely with units in which specialist knowledge and capacity for specific cybersecurity tasks is available. This cooperation should prevent the duplication of skills that already exist elsewhere, but it should also ensure that the units involved coordinate their activities and work closely with the Centre.

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