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Update Ransomware: New Procedure

30.07.2019 – During the last few weeks, Swiss companies have been targeted by a new kind of cyber-attack where the attackers were able to infiltrate the company’s network and encrypt all data with a crypto Trojan. Several well-known Swiss companies have been affected by this kind of attack.

Encryption trojans increasingly target corporate networks

09.05.2019 - Since the beginning of 2019, there is an increase of reports from SMEs and larger companies in Switzerland and abroad which have been attacked by ransomware. In some cases the attackers were able to encrypt the backup as well.

Why the internet of things (IoT) could cause a power cut

IoT devices can be misused to a large extent for cyber attacks, successful blackmail attempts (e.g. fake sextortion) as well as money transfer fraud with Office 365 access data and the main topic "Dealing with purchased risks in hardware and software". The 28th semi-annual report of the Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance (MELANI) published on 30 April 2019 deals with the most important cyber incidents of the second half of 2018 in Switzerland and abroad.

Sextortion: numerous people in Switzerland affected – authorities launch ""

Blackmailers claim in an email to have access to computers and webcams and threaten to publish pictures and videos with sexual content if no ransom is paid. This scam is called fake sextortion and typically requires payment in bitcoins. With the help of this fraud method, over the past six months criminals have obtained bitcoins worth approximately CHF 360,000 in spite of the small sums demanded. As long as the victims pay the ransom, this procedure will be invigorated and will continue to be used. Help stop this scam and refrain from paying any ransom. On the website, which was launched by the authorities today, you can find information and report fake sextortion emails.

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