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Encryption Trojans still on the rise

29.10.2019 - The 29th semi-annual report of the Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance (MELANI) addresses the most important cyberincidents of the first half of 2019 both in Switzerland and abroad. The main focus of the current report is cyberattacks with encryption Trojans, which caused considerable damage worldwide during the first half of the year.

Update Ransomware: New Procedure

30.07.2019 – During the last few weeks, Swiss companies have been targeted by a new kind of cyber-attack where the attackers were able to infiltrate the company’s network and encrypt all data with a crypto Trojan. Several well-known Swiss companies have been affected by this kind of attack.

Encryption trojans increasingly target corporate networks

09.05.2019 - Since the beginning of 2019, there is an increase of reports from SMEs and larger companies in Switzerland and abroad which have been attacked by ransomware. In some cases the attackers were able to encrypt the backup as well.

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