Why should I report incidents to MELANI and what happens with that information?

MELANI is interested in learning about incidents concerning the topics listed in the section threats and risks. Reports may be submitted anonymously. If, however, you provide your e-mail address, we will get in touch with you and try to give some assistance. Yet, the time MELANI can dedicate to a case is limited. If the reported incident is already known and e.g. covered by the basic protection of the computer, MELANI will merely refer you to the corresponding information page.

Moreover, your reports help us to improve the information we provide and to make it address your needs better.

Each reported incident will be treated confidentially and your personal data will not be shared with third parties without your explicit consent.

What should be reported?

The following incidents, for example, may be reported to MELANI:

  • Destruction of data
  • Unauthorised access to your computer (hacking)
  • Deception, fraud (phishing, hoaxes, etc.)

If you are primarily interested in a technical analysis of the incidents, please use the MELANI form. If you are interested in a criminal investigation, we recommend that you report the content or incident to the Swiss Coordination Unit for Cybercrime Control (CYCO).

What does MELANI do with your reports?

Data entered on the reporting form is encrypted and transferred to the server (Secure Sockets Layer SSL). We guarantee that reported incidents will be treated confidentially and your personal data will not be shared with third parties without your explicit consent (see also Data protection and confidentiality).

In general, reports may be submitted anonymously. If you would like us to contact you, however, please include at least your e-mail address.

Does MELANI provide a 24-hour information service?

No. For the public, MELANI provides comprehensive instructions and tips which are easily understood on how to configure computers and how to use the internet as safely as possible. By following these instructions and tips, you will be well protected so that you will never become a victim of a computer attack. Should this nevertheless occur, there is also the possibility of reporting this to MELANI. We will deal with these reports during office hours.

For the operators of Swiss critical infrastructure that are part of the "MELANI closed constituency", we provide a round-the-clock service.

Last modification 03.07.2012

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