The website of our company has been copied/imitated

There are several reasons why cybercriminals copy a company's website (phishing, fraud or others). The specific motivation behind a copied website often has to be established by further investigations. MELANI does not have special investigative powers. In obvious cases of phishing or malware distribution, MELANI can initiate an informal take-down process. Otherwise, the cantonal police will launch an investigation and take measures as soon as a criminal complaint has been filed.


  • If you become aware of the sending of phishing e-mails that link to the website copy, we recommend that you place a clearly visible warning on your homepage for your customers or proactively inform and warn your customers. In case of phishing, MELANI can try to have the website taken down. Forward the fraudulent domain to
  • A copy of a website (copyright infringement) and the unlawful use of a logo (trademark infringement) can be reported to the local cantonal police. It is advisable to take all available information/data with you to file a complaint.
  • By contacting the registrar (company with which Internet domain names can be registered) and/or the hosting provider (with which the website is stored on a server), the copyright and trademark owners can, request the domain or website to be taken down (at least temporarily) invoking infringements of trademark and copyright law.
  • Develop internal company processes to take action in such cases (request suspending domain names, deleting websites, etc.).


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Last modification 20.12.2018

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