We are victims of a ransomware

MELANI has published an information page about Ransomware. There you will find information, tips and links on this topic.

In earlier variants of encryption malware, the criminals' servers could be seized by the investigating authorities and the keys made accessible to those affected. Thus a decryption was possible afterwards. In some variants it was also possible to develop tools that could crack the encryption. MELANI cannot say whether this is also the case with the encryption trojan that affects you. If there is no backup of the data, it is advisable to keep and back up the encrypted data as you may be able to decrypt it later.

You can find some decryption tools publicly online. A list of such tools is available for example on the NoMoreRansom website of Europol under "Decryption Tools" and at "Crypto Sheriff" you can find out the type of Ransomware. MELANI did not have the possibility to check these tools and can therefore not guarantee their functionality. The use of decryption tools is at your own risk. If necessary, it is advisable to consult an IT specialist.

From a legal point of view, the elements of data corruption (Art. 144bis CC) as well as attempted coercion or blackmail (Art. 181 resp. 156 CC) are typically fulfilled in these cases. If you are interested in a criminal investigation, you can report the case to your local cantonal police. They will then initiate the necessary investigations. It is advisable to take all the information collected on your case with you for reporting. MELANI also recommends that you call the relevant police station in advance to make an appointment. This will ensure that someone is present to take your complaint.


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Last modification 20.12.2018

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