We received a phishing e-mail and would like to forward it to MELANI without comment

By reporting phishing attempts, you help protect other people. Your report enables us to take measures in order to prevent users to fall victim to phishing and reduce the chances of success of the fraudsters.

MELANI reviews each submission, informs the responsible hosting provider and website owner and asks them to take down the phishing-webpage. In addition, MELANI shares the URLs with IT security providers, web browser vendors and blacklist providers to achieve a maximum level of protection of the users.

MELANI operates a special website, where links of phishing sites and phishing e-mails can be announced:


MELANI is not a police unit and does not conduct criminal investigations regarding the submitted phishing attempts. The task of MELANI resides in averting imminent danger to information security, not the prosecution of criminals. If you have suffered financial loss or suffered other damage due to phishing, you may press charges at your local police station.  


This answer did not help us / We would like to report an incident.


Last modification 08.05.2013

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