We received an e-mail in the name of a member of the management asking us to transfer a certain amount to an unknown account

The problem of fraudulent payment orders has many facets. On the one hand within the company (CEO fraud), on the other hand also customers, suppliers or an alleged business partner.
We provide information on the phenomenon in the "Current dangers" section under the CEO fraud section. Further information can be found in the "Newsletter" section.
Supplier fraud (wire fraud) is similar to CEO fraud. For example, the indication of an account change such as: "Hello customer/partner, our account number has changed, please direct the payment to account XYZ".


  • Sensitize all employees to this phenomenon, especially those in the finance department and employees in key positions.
  • The basic rule of not disclosing internal information and not responding to requests for information in the event of dubious or unusual contacts is more relevant than ever in view of the current situation.
  • In the event of unusual contacts and requests, it is advisable to consult the company and any external parties by telephone in order to verify the correctness of the order. Use preexisting contact information for your queries, not those provided in the suspicious written communication.
  • All processes relating to payment transactions should be clearly regulated within the company and adhered to by employees in all cases (e.g. principle of dual control and collective signature).
  • Any criminal charges should be filed with the cantonal police


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Last modification 20.12.2018

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