Welcome to MELANI

The Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance (MELANI) is commissioned by the Federal Council to protect critical infrastructures in Switzerland. MELANI was set up for the early detection and management of threats, as well as to support the operators of critical infrastructures during a crisis. The MELANI website is also aimed at private computer and internet users, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Switzerland.



28.05.2020: SwissCovid App – The Public Security Test begins today. Help us to improve the security of the SwissCovid app and report your test results to us via the NCSC website.

30.04.2020: Semi-annual report 2019/2

02.04.2020: Home Office: End User Guideline

24.03.2020: Home Office: Securing Remote Access

20.03.2020: Scammers are currently sending out emails with a threat to infect the recipient and his family with the new corona virus. The blackmailers claim to have access to the computer and to know exactly the habits and whereabouts of the recipient. As proof, the scammers provide a password that is used by the victim. The passwords originate from old data leaks. Ignore these fake e-mails. If you still use the given password for Internet services, change it immediately.

17.03.2020: We are currently receiving reports of fake telephone calls allegedly made on behalf of the Federal Office of Public Health to conduct surveys and to inquire about health status and other personal details. We recommend to ignore these calls.    

14.03.2020: Warning against false emails purporting to be from the FOPH
Since Friday lunchtime (13 March 2020), cybercriminals have been exploiting public anxiety related to the coronavirus. They are attempting to spread malware using emails purporting to be from the FOPH. The Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance MELANI is therefore warning the public. Delete such emails immediately. Newsletter

19.02.2020: Newsletter Beware: Ransomware continues to pose a significant security risk for SMEs


MELANI is becoming the National Cyber Security Centre

To boost the Confederation's activities in the area of cyber-risks, on 30 January 2019 the Federal Council decided to set up a competence centre for cybersecurity, to build on existing skills and specialist units such as the already well established MELANI.

The work on setting up this National Cyber Security Centre are well advanced. In mid-August, the Federal Cyber Security Delegate, Florian Schütz, took up his post at the head of the National Cyber Security Centre. During the setup phase important information on the Centre can be found under "about the NCSC".


National contact point

The NCSC is the first point of contact for questions on cybersecurity. Its "national contact point" is based on MELANI. As before, reports on cyberincidents will be received and analysed by the MELANI team. However, from January 2020, this will take place via the new label "ncsc.ch". 


Information on threats and measures when using modern information and computer technology (such as Internet, e-banking).