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Handy, PDA, Bluetooth

The days when cellular telephones were used only for making calls are long gone. Comprehensive functions such as integrated camera, appointments calendar, games, text messaging and MMS functions, infrared and Bluetooth support and the possibility of surfing the web turn mobile phones into tiny multi-functional devices. Most Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) also have a Bluetooth function. However, the greater the number of functions on the device, the greater the likelihood of weaknesses. Some implementations of the Bluetooth technology on mobile phones has led to weaknesses in the devices of various manufacturers.   

What needs to be done when using Bluetooth

  • Bluetooth should only be activated when needed
    Activate Bluetooth only when it is needed. Deactivate Bluetooth after use.
  • Bluetooth only in secure environment
    Use Bluetooth only in secure environments (not in public surrounding) and only if absolutely necessary.
  • Enable Bluetooth device visibility only when necessary
  • Using the security options
    Find out (e.g. from the operating manual or your local dealer) about the security options of your Bluetooth appliance and if possible activate authentication and encryption.

What needs to be done when using mobile phones

  • Firmware update
    Updates are available for mobile phones just as they are for computer systems. These can be installed by the manufacturer or at specialised shops. Check regularly for the latest Firmware update and install it.
  • Read the small print
    When downloading games or ring tones, check the service provider's conditions.
  • Caution with text messages from unknown persons
    Do not respond to SMS messages from unknown persons.

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