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Trojan Horses

Trojan horses (often referred to as Trojans) are programs that covertly perform harmful actions while disguised as a useful application or file. Trojan horses are often programs downloaded from the Internet. However, sound and movie files (e.g. in the common MP3 or MPEG format) can also be Trojan horses. They use security holes in the corresponding player programs (e.g. Media Player) to install themselves covertly. Trojan horses are also often distributed via e-mail attachments.

Effects and risks
  • Spying on confidential data (e.g. passwords for online services, access codes for Internet banking) by recording keystrokes and transmitting them to the attacker.
  • Unauthorised access to the computer (e.g. by installing or using a backdoor).
  • Misuse of your computer to send spam.

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