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"Stories from the internet" for greater security in the information society

Agencies of the Confederation and cantons have published a joint publication entitled "Stories from the internet - that no-one would like to live". The comic strips illustrate dangerous situations on the web and how they can be detected and avoided. The objective is to strengthen population's security and confidence in using information and communication technologies (ICT).

The internet, computers and mobile phones are now part of the everyday lives of people in Switzerland. The benefits of internet use, however, are always accompanied by dangers. Unlike a walk through the streets, the dark corners of the internet are not obvious at first glance.

The "Stories from the internet" are comic strips which recount unpleasant incidents from life with information and communication technologies (ICT) - incidents which have come to the attention of the government and cantonal agencies involved in the course of their daily work. For example, the comic strips tell of disclosure of personal data, criminal activities on the internet, inadequate protection of children and young people, duped consumers, insecure computers and unencrypted wireless networks. Each of the tales is accompanied by links to organisations which offer in-depth information.

These tales originate, for example, from the experiences of parents, children, young people, police officers and office workers. The comic strips are designed to show how the entire population - young or old - can counter the dangers of the internet.

The comic strips have been published on the internet and can be downloaded or ordered in booklet form. They are available in German, French, Italian, Romansh and English. On request we can also provide the tales in file formats suitable for publication (quoting the source).

The following agencies have published the "Tales from the internet" so that the whole population can deal more effectively with the dangers and use the new technologies to meet their own needs. 

  • Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM),
  • Cybercrime Coordination Unit Switzerland (CYCOS)
  • Federal Consumer Affairs Bureau (FCAB),
  • Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC),
  • Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance (MELANI),
  • Swiss Crime Prevention (SCP).

The "Stories from the internet" publication is an implementation measure of the "Security and Confidence" concept which was acknowledged by the Federal Council on 11 June 2010. This concept indicates measures to assist the population and SMEs with the safety-conscious and legally compliant use of information and communication technologies (ICT). The intention is also to strengthen confidence in ICT. The measures are implemented under the direction of OFCOM's Information Society Coordination Office together with various professional organisations.

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Last updated on: 16.11.2010

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